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Adjustable Dog Shaped Table Lamp

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Trending Touch Sensitive led Kid Table Lamp

Popular Adjustable Dog Shaped Wooden Touch Control Table Lamp for Children Reading

⇒Creative and Funny Lamp

⇐ Our lamp has the shape of a beautiful dog, you can change its position by adjusting the limbs, it is really a small living dog

.⇒Gradation in 3 Sections and 3 Light Temperatures

⇐ Strong light for reading, dim light for a night light

.⇒Touch Switch and USB Charging

⇐ USB charging cable,. It can work wirelessly after loading successfully. the on / off switch is located on the dog's head, which is very convenient.

When you turn the lamp on or off, just hit the dog's head, very fun and special.⇒

Great Application⇐ The dog-shaped table lamp can be used in the bedroom, office, etc. It is an excellent choice as a gift for children.

Specific:Material: wood, PC

Item size: 8.3 * 19 * 30cm

Weight: 1 kg

There is no battery, only works when plugged in 

  •  Note: Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery