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Sleeping Kitty LED

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LED Cat Light USB Touch Night Light Bionic Cat Stepless Dimming Atmosphere Night Light Room Decoration Lamp Holiday Gift

1.This product is a smart pet lantern for LED smart charging.

2. The night light is simple and elegant, and it can decorate the home environment and the night light. 

3. You can adjust your favorite brightness in the stepless dimming mode according to your personal preference.

4. The light color of this product is warm yellow


Voltage and Current:5V-1000mA


Power switch description: Press the back switch power light to turn on, then press the power light to turn off

Charging display: The red light is on when charging, and the green light is always on after the battery is full.

Adjustment: Tap the switch to adjust the brightness of the light, long-press the switch to quickly adjust the brightness

  • Note:

Do not use for a long time, please put the product in a dry environment

  •  Note: Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery